The Right to Public Demonstration in Cuba during 2021

PIN Latam

Social protest is an essential element of every democratic society, since it is protected by a series if civil liberties and human rights, both on the Inter-American level and in the general principles of Law and international custom. In our region, the American Declaration on the Rights and Obligations of Man, as well as the American Convention on Human Rights, are clear examples of regulatory corpuses that classify the right to free speech as a human right that cannot be denied or abolished. In the context of 11 July a series of rights were violated, such as the aforementioned right to free speech, the right to peaceful meeting, and the right to free association and meeting. These rights protect both collective and individual forms of publicly expressing opinion, reasserting the importance of certain damaged groups, as well as demanding the fullment of social, cultural, civil and political rights in the framework of a democratic and social State in the rule of law.