Nation and Emigration, 4th Conference

Published: Oct 17, 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes
Nation and Emigration, 4th Conference
© Foto: Eye On Cuba

Cuba’s regime has convened, through its Ministry of External Relations, the 4th Conference on the Nation and Emigration to take place in Havana during the 18th and 19th of next November.

The first of these conferences was convened by Fidel Castro in 1978 under the premise of “the community exists. The community is a force and the community is taken into account”.

At the convocation, the Minister of External Relations said: “ The dialogue of ‘78, propelled by the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, represented the start of a continuing and irreversible process of the approachment between Cuba and the Cuban community abroad which has been seen to be strengthened over time and the celebration of three Conferences on the Nation and Emigration..”

From all this history, emerges the question: who is the nation? It is clear who is the emigration, but apparently, the nation is the regime, i.e. the state is the nation.

If we realize, obligatorily, that the nation comes from birth, results that the regime that obstructs foreign ideologies is the nation, and obviously, emigration. The emigrants do not fall for this scheme; therefore they are deprived of natural rights granted by the fact of having been born in a certain country or territory.

To itself, the hidden name for those meetings, “conference” , exhibits the inequality between the organizers and the attendees. There are many other denominations for this kind of event, some of them, talk, colloquium, dialogue, reunion. Those words suggest equality, but the least that the regime wants to accomplish is to establish, not even in theory, parity with Cubans living abroad, as if they were in its service.

Without a doubt, the attendees are already kept in the dark. There are those that blame everything on the “American blockade”, that applaud or try to justify the actions of the regime in any area that they can, like bees sending honey to the chests of the ruling class.

It would never occur to anyone to introduce the point of political reform to the conference. The organizers plan specific topics in advance.

“Fruit of our development of our relation with Cuban citizens abroad, the national policies in place encourage their large participation in the process of cultural and socio- economic development have a place in the country. This meeting serves as a space to debate and work together for independence, social justice, and well-being for the fatherland.”

45 years have passed since the first Conference on Nation and Emigration, and nothing significant has been achieved between the participating members abroad and neither can the Cubans spread across the different nations of the world participate in the call for “general elections” that the regime creates every five years in celebration of their so-called “socialist democracy.”

It is not necessary to turn to anyone who is said to predict the future, nor to any time traveler, to know that the 4th Conference on the Nation and Emigration will go through without glory or honor, fundamentally without honor.

Autor: José Antonio Fornaris, Eye on Cuba

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